Although there is no fire company located within the Township, adequate services are provided to Manheim residents by three area fire companies, which are dispatched according to the defined areas of responsibility as depicted by the Fire Company Service Area Map. These areas are also described below:

  1. Pleasant Hill (Station 52): Serves essentially the northwestern quarter of the Township including portions of Black Rock Road, Hoffacker Road, Blue Hill, Zumbrum Road, and all of Ridge Road, Sunset Circle, Landis Road, Lee Road, Dubs Church Road, Baumgardner Road, and Marina Road. Presently, Pleasant Hill offers 4 Engines, 1 Brush Unit and 1 Utility Unit which are operated with 46 active volunteer members.

  2. Jefferson (Station 47): Serves essentially the northeastern quarter of the Township. Jefferson provides 5 Engines and a quick response Medic unit serviced by 10 active volunteer members.
  3. Lineboro (Station 7): Serves essentially the southern half of the Township. Lineboro provides 2 Engines, 1 Brush truck, 1 Air unit which are operated by 30 active members.

The 24-hour service provided by these volunteers is of tremendous value to the Township and should be recognized.