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Municipal Administration

Emergency Services

      Police         Services          Fire             Services Ambulance  Service


Municipal Administration

Manheim is a township of the second class, governed by a three-member Board of Supervisors.  Other governmental bodies include a seven-member Planning Commission and a Zoning Hearing Board with three members.  Other professionals who serve the Township include a solicitor, a zoning/code enforcement officer/township manger, three municipal auditors, a tax collector, a sewage enforcement officer, and a secretary/treasurer. 

Manheim Township also has a Recreation Board that periodically meets to discuss and address recreational programming needs.

Township Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Township Office Closed


Good Friday


Primary Election Day


Memorial Day


Independence Day


Labor Day


General Election Day


Thanksgiving Day


Christmas Eve Day - Office closes at 12:00 pm


Christmas Day


New Year's Day

Emergency Services

Emergency services are essential to the safety and welfare of Manheim Township residents and businesses. The police, fire, and ambulance squads provide life and property saving services which are vital  to the community's quality of life. Fire and police protection and emergency medical services are identified and discussed below.

Police Services

Police protection is an expected and appreciated service by the residents of Manheim Township. Currently Southwestern Regional Police Department serves Manheim Township.


Southwestern Regional Police Department is pleased to offer new interactive and cutting edge technology on our redesigned web site - that is now available.  This new site will provide the public and the media with information regarding our department and news for this community; and will allow these groups an easy way to provide information to us.


The remodeled web site that has many features that include:


1) Press Releases are now listed here as soon as they are written; no longer will press releases be emailed or faxed out to the media as in the past.


2) The public and the media are encouraged to sign up on the web site for “Nixel.”  Nixel is a free program that when the user signs up for the service, the recipient will receive a text and/or e-mail message whenever there is a news item that the department generates.  The messages will be a wide variety of items to include new press releases on crimes issues, road closures when there will be a substantial impact on the motoring public, alerts such as the description of lost or missing persons, or general information such as our latest release that talks about a Child ID program that will be offered at this year’s Spring Grove SeptemberFest.  This information will also automatically be placed on the department’s new Facebook page.


3) The web site contains a section called a “Daily Log” that has a listing of every call that we respond to in our four (4) communities.  Rather than just wonder what happened in your neighborhood, this is an easy way to get the basics of the call and why officers were there.


4) There is a listing of all officers and their phone and email addresses.


5) There is an e-mail address called “ask an officer” to ask the department general questions about the laws and their communities.


6) There is a way to e-mail us information about crimes or disorder and to remain anonymous.


7) There is interesting and current information on the web that will allow residents to learn how to avoid being the victim of a crime. 


8) There is a way to e-mail us that the resident is going away and to provide us information in case we need to contact the homeowner while they are away. 


When we decided a year ago that a new site was needed, we, like most other municipal organizations, didn’t know where the funding would come from for the site.   Businesses and

residents responded with the $3,000 needed and this site has been made possible due to their generosity – at no expense to the tax payer.


The contributors are listed on the web site and as follows: John & Patricia Warehime, Paul Miller Trucking, W.H. Cooke & Co., Exchange Club of Hanover, Kinsley Construction, Loyal Order of Moose, Stock & Leader Attorneys, F&S Yamaha & Marine, Legacy Athletic, and for his assistance in this project, web designer Joe Drahusz of BIG (Business Information Group of York). 

We invite you to view our web site at www.swrpd.org


Fire Services

Although there is no fire company located within the Township, adequate services are provided to Manheim residents by three area fire companies, which are dispatched according to the defined areas of responsibility as depicted by the Fire Company Service Area Map. These areas are also described below:

1.    Pleasant Hill (Station 52): Serves essentially the northwestern quarter of the Township including portions of Black Rock Road, Hoffacker Road, Blue Hill, Zumbrum Road, and all of Ridge Road, Sunset Circle, Landis Road, Lee Road, Dubs Church Road, Baumgardner Road, and Marina Road. Presently, Pleasant Hill offers 4 Engines, 1 Brush Unit and 1 Utility Unit which are operated with 46 active volunteer members.


2.    Jefferson (Station 47): Serves essentially the northeastern quarter of the Township. Jefferson provides 5 Engines and a quick response Medic unit serviced by 10 active volunteer members.

3.    Lineboro (Station 7): Serves essentially the southern half of the Township. Lineboro provides 2 Engines, 1 Brush truck, 1 Air unit which are operated by 30 active members.


The 24-hour service provided by these volunteers is of tremendous value to the Township and should be recognized.

Ambulance Services

The Pleasant Hill and Lineboro Fire Companies provide ambulance service to Manheim Township residents.  The Heart Unit Medic 46 out of Hanover also serves the Township.